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Please see the section on Course Description Symbols and Terms in the University Catalog for an explanation of course description terminology and symbols, the course numbering system, and course credit units. All courses are lecture and discussion and employ letter grading unless otherwise stated. Some prerequisites may be waived with faculty permission. Many syllabi are available on the Chico Web.

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SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Programming for students not majoring in Computer Science or Engineering. This course introduces students to programming using an integrated graphical development environment. Event-driven, visual, and object-oriented programming concepts are presented. Projects include common business problems that require data entry, display of calculated results, report requests, conditional testing, arithmetic operations, array processing, data validation, searching, sorting, reading and writing to files, and database applications. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002298)
This course focuses on the hardware and software of the modern PC , currently available peripherals and upgrades, and the basics of networking. Included will be a survey of the pros and cons of different hardware choices for various PCs, peripherals, and networking options. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002337)
Prerequisites: CSCI 111 with a grade of C- or higher.
Systems analysis and design, and the role of Information Systems in organizations. Emphasis is on the project-team design approach. Operational criteria, system feasibility, requirements, and cost trade-offs. Integration of personnel, equipment, hardware, and software. 3 hours discussion. (002377)
Prerequisites: CSCI 211 with a grade of C- or higher.
This course provides an introduction to the theory and methodology for database design and implementation. Topics may include a survey/lecture component as well as a project component. The survey component covers entity- relationship modeling, relational algebra and calculus theories, data definition and data manipulation languages such as SQL, file structures, transactions, concurrency control, recovery, tuning and optimization, and object-oriented databases. The project entails requirements definition, design, and implementation of a database application. 3 hours discussion. (002338)
Prerequisites: Any upper-division computer networking course.
This course provides a broad overview of some of the more technical aspects of Information Systems Security. The content is designed to prepare students for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional/Associate (CISSP/A) examination from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISP2), including a discussion of each of the following topics: security management practices; access control systems; telecommunications and network security; cryptography; security architecture and models; operations security; applications and systems development; business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning; law, investigation, and ethics; and physical security. 3 hours lecture. (020232)
Prerequisites: CINS 370 with a grade of C- or higher.
This course is a comprehensive introduction to the major technologies used in the construction of interactive, client-server Web sites. Emphasis is placed on the protocols and standards used for exchanging data between the client and server programs. Both client and server side implementation methods are discussed using programming and scripting languages for the creation of dynamic Web pages. The use of direct client-to-server network communication, performance implications for implementation technologies, and techniques for increasing Web site security are discussed. 3 hours discussion. (002368)
Prerequisites: CSCI 311 with a grade of C- or higher, senior standing.
This capstone course provides a culminating activity in computer information systems. Students work independently to specify, design, develop, test, and document a complete information systems application under faculty supervision. Students present status reports at weekly meetings, and present their finished project at the end of the semester. 9 hours supervision. (020996)
Prerequisites: CINS 448 with a grade of C- or higher.
This course provides advanced training in the engineering and management of information systems security, particularly those systems that play a role in U.S. national security, and is aimed at professionals who plan to work either as contractors or federal employees in the area of national security or defense. The course also prepares students for the Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) certification test prepared by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISP2) in collaboration with the National Security Agency. Specific areas of concentration are systems security engineering; certification and accreditation (C&A); technical management; and U.S. Government Information Assurance (IA) regulations. 3 hours lecture. (020234)
Prerequisites: CINS 370 with a grade of C- or higher or MINS 235.
Course topics include database application programming using a high performance, high concurrency multi-user database management system. This course covers the SQL programming language including Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, and Data Control Language. The course then focuses on a procedural database programming language including control structures, composite datatypes, explicit cursors, exception handling, and writing embedded SQL applications. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002381)
Prerequisite: CINS 370 with a grade of C- or higher.
Students install the latest release of a robust, scalable database system such as Oracle, and create and maintain a sample database. Topics covered include advanced database architecture, intro performance monitoring, network configuration, database security, user management, and backup/recovery techniques with powerful admin tools. Prepares for Oracle Certification. 3 hours lecture. (020614)
Prerequisites: CINS 574 or faculty permission.
Students install database software components and create and administer their own example databases. Features hands-on diagnosis and recovery in diverse, complex scenarios using advanced backup and recovery tools. Proactive performance analysis and tuning of applications, storage structures and database processes. Prepares for Adv. Oracle Certification. 3 hours discussion. (002431)
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