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The School of Education's programs are built around a conceptual framework which values preparing effective, reflective and engaged educators who know their subject matter and practice effective pedagogy. Our graduates are committed to high quality education for all learners, informed decision making, civic responsibility and working collaboratively in educational settings. The School of Education, in partnership with other academic units and constituents from the public schools, is a member of the National Network for Educational Renewal.

Why Teach?

Explore the many reasons to consider becoming a teacher. Visit

Our Vision

The CSU, Chico School of Education aspires to be a recognized leader in preparing professional educators to meet the needs of a diverse society through innovation, collaboration and service.

Our Mission

The mission of the CSU, Chico School of Education, in collaboration with our community partners, is to develop effective, reflective and engaged educators. We believe in the power of education to create a diverse, democratic, socially responsible society in which every student is valued. As a learning community, we are committed to exemplary education programs that use scholarly inquiry and research-based practice as tools for continual professional growth and renewal.


The School of Education and its programs are fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Special Resources

Scholarships and financial aid programs, including the Assumption Program for Loans in Education (APLE) and federal TEACH grants, are available for students interested in careers in education. An application for all California State University, Chico scholarships is available. For detailed information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

A Credential Analyst is available to evaluate coursework for specific credential requirements and for advising out-of-state applicants who wish to obtain a California credential. For more information visit

Basic Teaching Credentials

Additional information about the 12 basic teaching credentials listed below can be found on the School of Education website,

The Multiple Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach all subjects in public schools organized in self-contained classrooms, typically kindergarten through sixth grade.

The Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to teach the specific subject designated on the credential (e.g., English, math) in schools organized by subject departments, typically grades 7 through 12. Multiple and Single Subject Credentials authorize the holder to teach all students in the regular classroom, including English learners.

The Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development (BCLAD) Emphasis to a Multiple or Single Subject Credential authorizes the holder to provide English Language Development (ELD) and specially designed academic instruction in English (SDAIE) to English learners as well as content instruction delivered to teach learners in the primary language. Program participants may complete a substantial portion of the Master of Arts in Education coursework at the same time they earn a Multiple or Single Subject Credential with the BCLAD emphasis.

The Multiple and Single Subject Internship Programs are alternative pathways to a credential designed to meet the credentialing needs of candidates who become employed as teachers.

The Education Specialist Credential with an emphasis in Mild/Moderate Disabilities authorizes the holder to instruct individuals in grades K-12, and adults, who have specific learning disabilities, mental retardation, other health impairments, and/or serious emotional disturbance.

The Education Specialist Credential with an emphasis in Moderate/Severe Disabilities authorizes the holder to instruct individuals in grades K-12, and adults, with autism, mental retardation, deaf-blindness, serious emotional disturbance, and/or multiple disabilities.

The Education Specialist Internship Program is an alternative pathway to a credential designed to meet the credentialing needs of candidates who become employed as teachers.

The Concurrent Multiple or Single Subject (with Bilingual Authorization optional)/Education Specialist Credential Program combines special education and elementary or secondary education preparation.

The Integrated Teacher Education Core BA/Multiple Subject (with Bilingual Authorization optional), or Education Specialist Credential Program combines the BA in Liberal Studies with a Multiple Subject (with Bilingual Authorization optional), or Education Specialist credential.

The Rural Teacher Residency Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credential/MA Program combines the MA in Education with a Multiple Subject or Educational Specialist credential. It is an 18-month program.

Other School Personnel Credentials

Administration Services-The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential authorizes the holder to serve as a school or district administrator. Requirements are met through coursework in the Educational Leadership and Administration option of the MA in Education.

School Psychology-Work leading to the school psychology credential is offered in conjunction with the MA in Psychology, with an option in Applied Psychology. This credential is accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

Language, Speech and Hearing-Offered through Communication Sciences and Disorders, the Clinical Rehabilitation Services Credential In Language, Speech and Hearing Services authorizes the holder to serve in public scholls as a Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist.

California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) Program (CLAD Authorization)

The School of Education offers the CTEL Program for classroom teachers who need to obtain a CLAD Authorization. Details about current offerings may be obtained by consulting the School of Education office. Please call 530-898-6421 or email

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