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Campus and Community Safety

At Chico State, the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is our highest priority. A safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation and collaboration of the entire community. The information here is offered with the hope that you will read it carefully and use it to help foster a safe campus environment for yourself and others. The CSU, Chico Police Department is located in Yuba Hall on the northwest corner of Normal Avenue and Second Street. California State University Police Officers enforce all federal and state laws including violations specific to CSU, Chico. California State University Police Department officers are dispatched and respond to calls for service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The Dispatch Center is located in the lobby of the CSU, Chico Police Department. CSU, Chico Police Department handles all crimes and police service requests on campus, the CSU, Chico University Farm property, and has a one mile jurisdiction off campus.

The Call to Dispatch

When you call CSU, Chico Police Department you will be speaking with a CSU, Chico Police Department dispatcher. All crimes or suspected crimes, and suspicious incidents should be reported immediately. When reporting police,fire, or medical emergencies, dial 911 from any phone on campus. If you call 911 from a cellular phone, and when asked your "location," advise that you're at Chico State University. Be prepared to provide the dispatcher the following information:

  • Where-The location of the incident (i.e. building name, room #, landmark, etc.)
  • What-The nature and details (i.e. heart attack, fire, fight, suspicious subject, etc.)
  • Weapons-Are there any weapons? (i.e. guns, knives, bottles, stick, etc.)
  • When-Is this in-progress (i.e. is it happening now? 10 minutes ago?, etc.)
  • Vehicle-Is there a vehicle involved? (i.e. car, pickup, M/C, bike-license number, color, year, make, body style, other identifying features)
  • Direction of Travel-Which way did they go? (i.e. street name, south, etc.)
  • Who-Do you know the person(s) involved? (Can you provide physical description?)

There are emergency "blue light" call boxes at exterior locations throughout the campus, which automatically dial 911 and ring directly into the CSU, Chico Police when the button is pushed. There are hallway telephones (red or white) inside some buildings where 911 can be dialed to reach the CSU, Chico Police Department to report an emergency.

Access to Campus Facilities

Our campus is viewed as a cultural and educational resource for the entire area and its academic buildings are quite accessible. This openness promotes learning and interchange in an academic context. Keeping criminal activity suppressed while still maintaining accessibility requires the support and participation of the entire campus community, including the prompt reporting of suspicious persons or circumstances. While campus residence halls are considerably less accessible, even to the extent of staff locking all exterior doors and requiring guests to check in at the front desk on weekends, it is still necessary for residents to maintain the security of their personal areas and to report suspicious persons to the residence hall staff. Residence hall security is the shared responsibility of staff and residents and requires mutual cooperation and support to be successful. All recognized fraternity and sorority houses are located off campus, however, they are the jurisdiction of CSU, Chico Police Department. There are also off-campus residence halls, privately owned and operated, which cater to students. Law enforcement services for these, and other off-campus apartment complexes are provided by Chico Police Department.

Campus Safety and Crime Information

In spite of the pastoral appearance and friendly atmosphere of Chico and its surroundings, the campus is not a haven from crime. As incidents occur which may pose a threat to other students and employees, CSU, Chico Police Department will disseminate information to the community. Crime alert information can be located on the CSU, Chico Police Department website Statistical information addressing crimes and arrests which have occurred on the campus is available in the Clery Report which can be viewed on our web site at Brochures are available in the CSU, Chico Police Department lobby which provide information about safety related and crime prevention issues.

Crime Prevention Programs

The CSU, Chico Police Department offers crime prevention programs and services to assist you. Among these are Rape Agression Defense (RAD), a sexual assault prevention course (, Bicycle Licensing (, and other crime prevention presentations which are provided upon request.

Safety Tips and Awareness of Surroundings

Awareness is the most critical factor in the personal safety equation. If your attention to surroundings is compromised by intoxication, fatigue, or preoccupation, you operate at a disadvantage and have a greater potential for being victimized. The primary responsibility for avoiding victimization resides with you! If you see something suspicious, go to the nearest phone and call the police. Use lighted walkways on campus at night-don't take shortcuts. Take precautions at night. Park your car or bike in a well-lit area. If you can't walk with a friend, you can plan to take the Community Service Connection, your on-campus safety shuttle. The shuttle runs Monday through Thursday during the semester, 7:00 pm to 12:30 am. The route takes 20-30 minutes and stops at various connection points. For more information, log on to

  • Always lock the doors and windows in your residence hall or apartment.
  • Pull the window shades at night.
  • If you come home and find a door or window open, don't go in! Go to the nearest phone and call the police.
  • When someone knocks on your door, look first, and then open it only if you know the person.
  • Have your key ready when approaching your car or home to minimize the delay in getting the door open and entering.
  • Look inside your car before getting in. Lock your doors after you're inside.
  • Don't waste time if you're approached by someone suspicious. Get away fast.
  • Remember, the most important part of the campus safety equation is your watchfulness and good judgment! Write down emergency telephone numbers you might need and keep them by your telephone. Trust your instincts. When a voice inside you says you are in danger, listen to it!

CSU Chico PD
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