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The Minor in Statistics

Course Requirements for the Minor: 23 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor.

6 courses required:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Prerequisites: Completion of ELM requirement; both MATH 118 and MATH 119 (or high school equivalent); a score that meets department guidelines on a department administered calculus readiness exam.
Limits and continuity. The derivative and applications to related rates, maxma and minima, and curve sketching. Transcendental functions. An introduction to the definite integral and area. A grade of C- or higher is required for GE credit. 4 hours discussion. This is an approved General Education course. (005506)
Prerequisites: MATH 120.
The definite integral and applications to area, volume, work, differential equations, etc. Sequences and series, vectors and analytic geometry in 2 and 3-space, polar coordinates, and parametric equations. 4 hours discussion. (005507)
Prerequisites: MATH 121.
Matrices, determinants, cartesian n-space (basis and dimension of a subspace, rank, change of basis), linear transformations, eigenvalues. Numerical problems will be emphasized. 3 hours discussion. (005553)
Prerequisites: Completion of ELM requirement. Introduction to common procedures used to analyze data.
Single and two sample inference, analysis of variance, mulitple regression, analysis of co-variance, experimental design, repeated measures, nonparametric procedures, and categorical data analysis. Examples are drawn from biology and related disciplines. Statistical packages are introduced. Appropriate for biology, agriculture, nutrition, psychology, social science and other majors. 3 hours discussion. (005568)
Prerequisites: MATH 121.
Basic concepts of probability theory, random variables and their distributions, limit theorems, sampling theory, topics in statistical inference, regression, and correlation. 3 hours discussion. (005534)
Prerequisites: MATH 350.
Continuation of MATH 350. 3 hours discussion. (005535)

1 course selected from:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Prerequisites: MATH 315.
Advanced topics in applied statistics including multiple regression, multivariate methods, nonparametrics, analysis of covariance, bootstrap methods and others as appropriate. Statistical computer packages are introduced and used. Appropriate for biology, agriculture, nutrition, business, psychology, social science and other maojrs. 3 hours discussion. (005570)
Prerequisites: One course chosen from MATH 105, MATH 305, MATH 350, or MATH 315.
The theory and application of survey sampling techniques. Topics include simple random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling, and cluster sampling. Appropriate for mathematics, computer science, psychology, social science, agriculture, biology, and other majors. 3 hours discussion. (005573)

To Apply for a Minor

To apply for a minor, you must file a Declaration of Minor form, available in the Department Office, HOLT 181. Before choosing any options for the minor, you must obtain approval from the department chair.

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