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The Minor in Managing Diversity in Organizations

Course Requirements for the Minor: 24 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor.

Foundation: 9 units

3 courses required:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
An introduction to the concepts, terminology, and issues in multicultural and gender studies, including exploration of America's multicultural history, gender as an element of culture, and contemporary issues in the field. 3 hours lecture. This is an approved General Education course. This is an approved US Diversity course. (002602)
Using a combination of theory and application, this course focuses on the human side of organizations, including issues of 1) making good decisions, 2) enhancing performance, 3) steering through a turbulent global environment, 4) combining and unifying multiple business functions and 5) enabling change. Students gain an understanding of management and how and why organizations are structured. The themes of quality, technology, ethics, and adaptation are emphasized. 3 hours lecture. (005704)
This course surveys human resource management practices needed for effective performance by every manager and employee. The focus of the course is on processes used to effectively recruit, select, develop, evaluate, reward, and ensure the safety of employees in order to attract and retain the best possible workforce in any organization. This course provides students with an understanding of workforce diversity, investigates ethical issues, and explores the international context of HRM. 3 hours lecture. (005690)

Breadth: 9 units

1 course selected from:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Prerequisites: At least junior standing.
An in-depth study of federal and California employment laws as they affect the management of human resources, with appropriate consideration of ethical and global dimensions. Emphasis is on the legal rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in the employment relationship, primarily in a private-sector, non-union environment. 3 hours discussion. (001352)
Prerequisites: MGMT 304.
Intensive examination of training and developing diverse employees in both domestic and international contexts. Includes designing, implementing, and evaluating training programs; creating and administering employee relations programs; and using human resource information systems in carrying out these activities. 3 hours discussion. (005692)
Prerequisites: MGMT 303.
Comprehensive investigation of knowledge management, the innovation process, and change management within the context of corporate entrepreneurship. Focus is on building a learning organization, developing organizational structures that facilitate innovation and change, facilitating the innovation process, and managing change in new and established organizations both domestically and internationally. Various methodologies for creating innovation and change in organizations are examined. 3 hours lecture. (005696)

1 course selected from:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Using both cognitive and experiential models, this course will explore the relationships between gender and communication. Lectures/discussions/exercises will focus on such topics as self-perceptions and images of men and women, language used by and about men and women, self-disclosure and self-assertion as communicative acts, gender differences in information processing and non-verbal communication, private and public contexts for gender communication, and gender communication in organizations. 3 hours discussion. This is an approved General Education course. (002228)
Focus is on the problems of communication between cultural groupings inside and outside of the U.S. Various historical and political contexts in which intercultural communication occurs are examined. 3 hours discussion. This is an approved US Diversity course. (002229)
This course explores creative, integrative approaches to conflict resolution. Includes bargaining games, role-plays, cases, issues in conflict management, interpersonal influence processes, cultural, and ethical implications of bargaining problems and personal negotiating styles. 3 hours lecture. (005703)

1 course selected from:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Prerequisites: MGMT 303.
As the work force changes domestically and globally, individual and organizational strategies for working cross-culturally and ethically must be adopted. The purpose of this course is to increase understanding of relevant human differences in organizations and to develop behavioral skills for working with these differences. 3 hours discussion. (005720)
Prerequisites: MGMT 303.
An examination of the strategy, infrastructure, and business processes that foster effectiveness in global organizations. An analysis of the impact of cross-cultural differences on managerial issues such as motivation, discipline, work and leisure values, and collaboration. An analysis of issues in the global business environment, including the impact of labor conventions, legal systems, technology transfer, ethics, and e-commerce. 3 hours lecture. (005707)

Capstone: 6 units

2 courses required:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
A supervised experience in the area of multicultural and/or gender studies offered for 1.0-3.0 units. You must register directly with the Center director and be a major or minor. No more than 3 units may be counted toward the major or minor. 9 hours supervision. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 15.0 units. (005647)

Students must take at least 3 units of internship.

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Prerequisites: ENGL 130 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher.
Exploration of theory and extended research in the field of multicultural and gender studies leading to a public presentation. This course is designed as the capstone experience for multicultural and gender studies majors in the general option, and minors. 3 hours seminar. This is an approved Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement course; a grade of C- or higher certifies writing proficiency for majors. (002610)
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