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This course prepares leaders to focus on diversity in our public schools by (1) developing an historical, cultural, and legal understanding and perspective on issues of diversity, (2) recognizing the many demographic and sociological characteristics of diversity and understanding their implications for teaching and learning, and (3) identifying leadership responsibilities for the development of successful instructional programs for all students, including those with identified special needs and those who experience uneven success in school. 3 hours lecture. (020333)
Interpersonal communication is practiced, stressing the role of educational leader to improve knowledge and skills applicable to face-to-face communication; one's own unique style of communication; group and organizational factors which affect that communication. 3 hours seminar. (002744)
The philosophy, role, and techniques of supervision and staff development in the instructional program of elementary and secondary schools. 3 hours seminar. (002745)
Role expectations of the principal from several reference groups are explored. Included are program development, staff and curriculum development and supervision, community relationships and responsibilities, legal aspects, budget and finance, vocational and adult education. Opportunities for students to test their administrative decision making in simulated situations are provided. 3 hours seminar. (002753)
Practical aspects of school support and revenue; California school apportionment system; financial problems of schools and capital outlay. 3 hours seminar. (002751)
An examination of the effect of school law upon public school personnel. Special emphasis will be given to the areas of liability, contracts, tenure, and pupil-parent-teacher rights. 3 hours seminar. (002756)
This field-based course provides candidates in school leadership a practical and conceptual understanding of educational accountability in regional schools. Candidates engage with current work in school and district efforts to become more accountable to democratic principles, local community priorities, and state and federal student achievement mandates. In addition to analyzing and understanding efforts to increase accountability, candidates propose improvements to an existing field-based accountability system. Problems of high stakes, ethics, equity, adequacy, intended and unintended consequences are related to school improvement and successful school leadership for democracy. 3 hours seminar. Credit/no credit grading. (002746)
This course focuses on the theory and foundations of transformational educational leadership and administration. Role expectations of the school principal as a change agent are explored including promotion of democratic education, development of professional relationships, instructional leadership, and assessment of student learning for continuous improvement. This is the first course in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program and is applicable to the MA in Education. 6 hours seminar. (021674)
In this second course in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program candidates learn and apply analytical processes across six California Leadership domains to identify current school conditions and needed changes. Onsite administrative field experiences are incorporated. This course is applicable to the MA in Education. 6 hours seminar. (021680)
Continuous improvement requires school leaders to be agents of change. Candidates in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program (PASC) learn to design, analyze, prioritize, and support school change for the improvement of student learning across the six California Educational Leadership domains. Onsite administrative field experiences are incorporated. This third course in the PASC program is applicable to the MA in Education. 6 hours seminar. (021679)
Effective school leaders integrate knowledge, interpersonal, and technical skills. This course focuses on planning the processes and steps for the first 100 days of a principalship that maximizes long term positive impact, especially on improved student learning. Onsite administrative field experiences are incorporated. This is the final course in the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program and is applicable to the MA in Education. 6 hours seminar. (021678)
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