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Specialty Programs Listing

Pre-Professional Programs

There isn’t a “best” major to prepare students for professional school, as long as the prerequisite courses for entrance to the profession are completed. The major should be chosen on the basis of interest and as preparation for an alternate career. Specific preparatory course requirements vary for each professional school. You should inquire at the professional school of your choice for specific course requirements. The following pre-professional preparation programs and advising are offered at Chico and may be viewed in detail in the chapter(s) referenced.

Title Reference Location Phone
Pre-Business Business GLNN 321


Pre-Dentistry Biological Sciences/ HOLT 205


Chemistry and Biochemistry PHSC 216


Pre-Forensic Science Anthropology BUTE 311


Pre-Law Political Science/ BUTE 741


Philosophy TRNT 121


Pre-Medicine Biological Sciences/ HOLT 205


Chemistry and Biochemistry PHSC 216


Pre-Nursing Nursing HOLT 369


Pre-Optometry Chemistry and Biochemistry PHSC 216


Pre-Pharmacy Chemistry and Biochemistry PHSC 216


Pre-Physical Therapy Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology/ YOLO 243


Biological Sciences/ HOLT 205


Chemistry and Biochemistry PHSC 216


Pre-Theology Comparative Religion and Humanities TRNT 239


Pre-Veterinary Biological Sciences HOLT 205


Teaching, Specialist, and Service Credentials

Education Services Center

See Education in the University Catalog, and visit or call the Education Services Center, HOLT 101, 530-898-6391, for information and advising about appropriate undergraduate preparation and application to the professional education program for teaching, specialist, and service credentials.

Subject Matter Preparation Programs

Subject matter preparation programs are offered at CSU, Chico through the academic programs indicated below. See the catalog chapter referenced, call or go to the department office for information about specific course requirements for teaching credentials.

Title Reference Location Phone
Agriculture Agriculture PLMS 317 x5844
Art Art AYRS 107 x5331
Biology Biological Sciences HOLT 205 x5356
Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry PHSC 216 x5259
English English TALR 209 x5124
Geosciences Geological and Environmental Sciences PHSC 217 x5262
Health Sciences Health Science BUTE 607 x6661
Languages (Spanish) International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures TRNT 122 x5388
Liberal Studies (Multiple Subjects) Liberal Studies THMA 211 x5802
Mathematics Mathematics HOLT 177 x6111
Music Music and Theatre PAC 106 x5152
Physical Education Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology YOLO 243 x6373
Physics Physics PHSC 106A x6259
Social Science History TRNT 225 x5366

Professional Education Programs

Professional education programs are offered at CSU, Chico leading to a California State Teaching Credential in the following.

Multiple Subject Credential: Basic
Multiple Subject Internship Credential: Basic
Multiple Subject Credential with BCLAD* Emphasis
Multiple Subject Concurrent Special Education BCLAD* Emphasis
Single Subject Credential: Basic
Single Subject Internship Credential: Basic
Single Subject Credential with BCLAD* Emphasis

* BCLAD stands for Bilingual, Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development. The holder of a credential with BCLAD Emphasis is authorized to provide English language development and specially designed academic instruction in English to second language learners as well as teach learners in their primary language.

Specialist Credentials:
Title Reference Location Phone
Adapted Physical Education Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology YOLO 243 x6373
Agriculture Agriculture PLMS 317 x5844
Reading and Language Arts Education THMA 401 x5398
Special Education Internship: Education THMA 401 x6146
Learning and Severely Handicapped
Special Education Resource Specialist Education THMA 401 x6146


Services Credentials
Title Reference Location Phone
Administrative: Education THMA 101 x6421
Certificate of Eligibility
Clinical Rehabilitative Language, Communication Sciences and Disorders AJH 100 x5871
Speech, and Hearing:
Special Class Authorization
Library and Media Teacher Education THMA 101 x6421
Pupil Personnel: Psychology MODC 215 x5147
School Psychologist

Off-Campus Programs

Coursework leading toward the following certificates and credentials is offered by CSU, Chico, but the certificates are awarded elsewhere.

Title Program Location Phone
Adapted Physical Education Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology YOLO 243 x6373
Public Health Nursing Nursing HOLT 369 x5891
Wilderness Stewardship Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management YOLO 173 x6408

Academic Advising

The University wants you to receive the academic advising necessary to plan courses of study appropriate to achievement of your goals in a timely matter.
Your faculty advisor will either be assigned to you by your academic department or it will be up to you to secure one. Academic Advising Programs maintains a list of advising coordinators in each academic program to whom you can be referred and can assist you with general program planning.

Undergraduate Plan Change forms (for declaring and changing an undergraduate major, option, or minor) are available online on the Student Records Office: Forms Page.
When you declare a program, preferably at your first opportunity, you are required to indicate as specifically as possible the major, and, when offered within the major, an option or pattern. In some academic programs, students who are declared majors have a higher registration priority than non-majors for registration. This priority may be a factor in obtaining the schedule of classes you desire.

What is an Option, Pattern, and Concentration?
Some degrees may offer additional opportunities with both options and patterns within a major. The unique combination of any declared option and/or pattern (if offered) within your major is your “concentration.” This concentration nomenclature is used on the Academic Programs Listing on the Chico Web and is recorded on your student record. Your concentration also needs to be declared early in your career, and will be reported on the university database system and reports used by your academic advisor, evaluator or other staff who may be assisting you.

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