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Multicultural and Gender Studies

Our Mission

Multicultural and Gender Studies (MCGS) is the academic face of diversity and inclusion at CSU Chico, ever striving to embody, inculcate, promote, and celebrate the values of multicultural respect, awareness, and understanding as fundamental to the socially and environmentally responsible democratic citizen.  We are a diverse community of scholars and activists working together to critically examine gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity-primarily within the U.S.-in historical and contemporary cultural contexts.

The major on Multicultural and Gender Studies provides an  interdisciplinary approach to cultural analysis within and across cultural groups in the United States, with emphasis on the role of class, race, and gender in shaping cultural identities.

  • The General Option includes work in the theory and practice of cultural analysis; cross-cultural and interethnic study; examination of the role of gender in culture; and close analysis of a particular cultural group.
  • The Women's Studies Option in MCGS is based on a combination of multicultural and gender studies courses focused on women and feminist analysis.

The African American Studies Minor focuses on the history, sociology, politics, literature, religion, and media presentation of African Americans, both as cultural groups in diaspora and as active agents in the history and culture of the United States.  Core lay out an historical and analytical framework, and breadth courses, provide a range of perspectives on the African American experience..

The American Indian Studies Minor prepares students for a diverse workplace and society by providing knowledge, skills, and strategies for appreciating and understanding cultural practices, contributions, identities, and gender rolls. The minot focuses on the history, literature, worldviews, social practices, and legal issues of Indian tribes.

The Asian American Studies Minor  is a interdisciplinary field that examines the cultures, histories, experiences, concerns, and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.  It focuses on the American experience pf persons from Asian countries of the Pacific Rim and the Pacific Islands, and maintains its relationship with the Asian American community and the broader society.  The students to do work in selected career paths were sensitivity to and knowledge of Asian American issues, history, and artistic expression are important.

The Chicano Studies Minor provides students with an insight into the experience of people with Mexican origin living in the United States.  Taught as an interdisciplinary field of study, it provides students with Chicanx historical, cultural, economic, and political contributions.  In our diverse state, the minor provides students with vital background for employment in various occupations including teaching, social work, or community activism.

Managing Diversity in Organizations is a joint minor between the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies and the Department of Management. Through training and development programs, businesses seek ways to educate their employees about working together across cultural and gender lines, considering products and services in relation to cultural variables and operating in a global economy. The minor foregrounds these issues by bringing together the content, approaches, and tools of two disciplines for analyzing and dealing with diversity.

The Multicultural Studies Minor prepares students for a diverse workplace and society by providing knowledge, skills, and strategies for appreciating and understanding cultural practices, contributions, identities, and gender roles. The Multicultural Minor offers an introduction to the theory and practice of cultural analysis, study of cross-cultural and interethnic issues, and close analysis of a particular ethnic group through courses in one of the MCGS minors..

The Sexual Diversity Studies Minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of sexualities, including the LGBTQ spectrum. The program brings together scholars on this campus studying sexualities in a variety of disciplines, including Linguistics, Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Women's Studies. This minor is designed to provide students with knowledge about diversity of human sexuality across cultures, nationalities, and eras. Students taking this minor will explore ways society shapes and disciplines our sexual identities, and the effects of sexual stratification. They will also gain knowledge and skill to interact more effectively with people of diverse sexual identities and orientations.

The Women's Studies Minor introduces students to the theory and practice of feminist cultural analysis, basic issues and perspectives in the field of women's studies, and modes of feminist inquiry. It uses this core sequence to analyze the history, politics, artistic and social contributions, and political status of women within the United States and globally. ..

Given that rigorous academic learning is most effective when linked with community work, an internship is required for all majors and minors. Our students put theory into practice through activist and advocacy internships on campus and throughout the North State. Our students-with support from MCGS faculty-work with student and community organizations such as the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC), the Cross Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC), Stop Trafficking of Persons (S.T.O.P.), Catalyst Domestic Violence Center, the Chico Peace and Justice Center, and the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC). Students participate in campus forums, lectures, and workshops such as the Conversations on Diversity series aimed at cultivating a diverse and just environment.

Program Goals

SLO #1 MCGS majors will be able to identify, explain, and analyze major issues related to diverse identities and experiences through various theoretical lenses; particular areas of focus include women, gender, U.S. race and ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic class, and ability.

SLO #2 MCGS majors will be able to effectively apply field-specific vocabulary, concepts, theories, and interdisciplinary analytical frameworks in activities and assignments.

SLO #3 MCGS majors will be able to interpret the concept of intersectionality, as well as the interlocking systems of power including racism, ethnocentrism, classism, ableism, sexism, and heterosexism.

SLO #4 MCGS majors will be able to:

a.engage in interdisciplinary scholarly research;

b.employ effective data collection;

c.apply diverse analysis methods;

d.make informed, professional uses of technology.

SLO #5 MCGS majors will be able to compose comprehensible, well organized, and substantive verbal presentations in the discipline.

SLO #6 MCGS majors will be able to compose comprehensible, well organized, and substantive scholarly writing in the discipline.

SLO #7 MCGS majors will be able to demonstrate capacity for leadership and work effectively in teams with a diverse range of individuals.

SLO #8 MCGS majors will be able to apply their knowledge of women, gender, U.S. race and ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic class, and ability to an organization or community effort. .

Career Outlook

A major or minor in Multicultural and Gender Studies emphasizes critical thinking, collaborative learning, activism, and advocacy, all skills which can be applied to a host of careers--especially leadership positions.

A degree in MCGS demonstrates to potential employers that, in addition to having the determination and focus to earn a college degree, you are well-rounded, having studied across a wide range of academic disciplines. Additionally, you have learned to look beneath the surface, to see and analyze complexities of issues and situations; you are sensitive to and value human diversity. Consequently, as a potential employee you likely are able to think more globally many other job applicants.


Our majors tend to enter positions of leadership and service in a variety of fields. There is a growing demand in the professions of management, health and community service, public administration, non-profits, government service, and public policy for individuals with educational backgrounds in diversity issues. Similarly, there are increasing opportunities for consultant work in industry, higher education, insurance companies, and personnel firms.


Our MCGS graduates have become:


•Advisor to U.S. Senator
•Associate Director of Catalyst Domestic Violence Shelter
•Senior Associate Attorney
•Director of Strategic Planning and Research at Audrey Sheppard Women’s Health Consulting
•Deputy Press Secretary, Rapid Response at Human Rights Campaign


•Regional Manager at Women's Health Specialists


•Associate Director of External Affairs at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


•Community Organizer, National Center for Transgender Equality


•Outreach/Counselor at Rape Crisis Intervention and Prevention


•Product Manager, Access & Publishing Group at California Digital Library


•Assistant Press Secretary U.S. Department of Homeland Security


•Associate Director of Student Life for Social Justice and Service, Southern Oregon University


•Sr. Communication Specialist at Kiewit and advocate for "at-risk" youth


•Recruiter for Bay Area tech companies


•Operations Manager at Girls Leadership, SF


•General Manager at Old Navy, GAP Inc.


•Marketing Coordinator at Zephyr Real Estate


•Medical Services Coordinator at Planned Parenthood Northern California


•Education Coordinator at American Institute for Social Justice


•Program Assistant at ACTION Council of Monterey County


•Professor of English, CSU Chico


•LecturererLecturer of Multicultural & Gender Studies, CSU Chico


•Events Associate, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates


•Facilities Coordinator, JLL at Verizon


•Crisis Intervention Manager at Verity


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