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Student Employment

Many students meet their college expenses by working part-time during the school year or full-time during the summer. The Student Employment Office is available to help students locate work with referrals to a wide variety of job opportunities. During the academic year, campus and community employers provide hundreds of temporary and part-time jobs for students. Also, in the spring semester employers throughout the country communicate with the office to offer job opportunities to students who are interested in full-time work during the summer break.

School Year Jobs

Late summer, just before school begins, is the best time to look for a job because most employers who have part-time positions want to get them filled before the academic year begins. The CSU, Chico Student Employment Office uses a job referral system that allows all enrolled students to conduct a complete job search online. The job referral system is web-based, accessible 24-hours per day, and compatible with most web browsers. Also, job announcements are posted on the bulletin board inside the Student Employment Office as soon as they are received. The part-time and temporary job market in Chico is competitive, so most jobs do not remain available for very long. It is important to check the board daily and follow up on all job leads without delay. Most employers look for dependable people who are fast learners and eager workers. References from previous employers are handy tools for a job search.

There are other ways of finding employment in Chico. Visiting offices and businesses to speak with employers about potential openings is effective. Talking with friends, instructors, and acquaintances about employment is another way to get useful information. It is important not to get discouraged, because enough employment is available for those who persist.

Summer Jobs

Many students work only during the summer months when they leave the Chico area. Representatives from a variety of resorts, government agencies, summer camps, and retailers visit and provide information on employment opportunities. In addition to earning money for university expenses, a summer job can be a good way to obtain career-related work experience. The Student Employment Office provides assistance to those students who need help locating summer employment. Typical jobs include summer camp counselor, forestry worker, tour guide, casino employee, and retail sales person. The best time to start pursuing a summer job is late in the fall semester when employers begin announcing openings. Many employers visit the campus during the spring semester to interview applicants for summer positions.

Community Jobs

Community businesses in Chico have a long history of supporting the University by providing employment opportunities to help students meet their educational expenses. Many merchants, particularly those located close to campus, prefer hiring students because most of their customers are from the University. Students find employment in restaurants, retail stores, offices, and small manufacturing companies throughout the Chico community.

Residents of Chico offer thousands of part-time and temporary jobs each year to students.  Some jobs, such as housecleaning and yard care, are continuous, while others, such as general labor, are temporary. Temporary employment appeals to students who want flexibility in scheduling work hours and freedom from making long-term commitments.

Campus Jobs

On-campus jobs are classified as either work-study or student assistant. In these, students perform a wide variety of campus roles such as library aides, clerical aides, graduate assistants, tutors, lab assistants, graders, maintenance aides, food service workers, and cashiers.

Federal Work-Study

Applicants for the work-study program must demonstrate financial need by first filing an application through the University's Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office issues awards to qualifying students in amounts which match their financial need. If you receive an award, you may apply for any position classified as work-study. The Student Employment Office lists available work-study positions. Your award letter from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is proof you have qualified for work-study, so keep it handy while searching for a job.

Student Assistant

It is not necessary to demonstrate financial need to qualify as a student assistant employee. The basic requirement for student assistant employment is to carry six units as an undergraduate or four units as a graduate student. The Student Employment Office lists many available student assistant positions. However, you may consult various university offices directly about student assistant openings.

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