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The Professional Accounting Certificate

Course Requirements for the Certificate: 30 units

This certificate is limited to declared CSU, Chico Business Administration Accounting Option students.

Core: 9 units

3 courses required:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
This course provides Accounting Option students the opportunity to learn professional skills that ease their transition from university life to business world. These skills are critical to building a successful and meaningful career in the accounting professions. Tools provided include emotional intelligence awareness, professional etiquette, proper interview and presentation techniques, and crafting an effective resume. The course provides for hand-on activities to expose students to the many focuses in accountancy, the various processes to become a Certified Public Account (CPA), networking skills, and other skills that are critical to success in the accountancy professions. 3 hours lecture. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 6.0 units. (021811)
Prerequisite: ACCT 325 with a grade of C or higher.
This course is designed to raise students' ability to recognize and respond to ethical issues facing the accounting profession and accounting professionals. Course learning objectives include improving students' moral reasoning and ethical decision making, understanding accountants' professional responsibilities, overviewing areas of accounting practice abuse, and developing students' communication and critical thinking skills. AICPA, IMA, and U.S. Treasury Department codes of conduct for financial accountants, auditors, management accountants, and tax accountants are emphasized along with professional responsibilities that are tested on professional certification exams. 3 hours lecture. This is an approved Writing Course. (021180)
Prerequisites: ACCT 201, ACCT 202.
This course covers key forensic accounting concepts including fraudulent financial reporting, misappropriation of assets, income reconstruction, money laundering, litigation (emphasis on damages), and business valuation. The course is designed to apply analytical accounting and communication skills to identify and present financial discrepancies and improper acts for criminal proceedings and/or civil litigation. 3 hours lecture. This is an approved Writing Course. (021284)

Breadth Area: 9 units

3 courses selected from:

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
Prerequisite: MGMT 303 or faculty permission.
An examination of key issues in international business adopting a broad perspective across various business sub-disciplines. The course looks at the major factors affecting organizational actions such as political economy, competitive dynamics, demographics, consumer behavior, culture, supply chains and international finance. The course is experiential in nature, with travel to a foreign country to observe business practices, examine management issues, meet with representatives of local businesses, explore the diversity of different cultures and learn to apply necessary behaviors to successfully engage in an international business environment. Locations of the travel can vary and topics/examples focus on the country and region of the intended destination. 3 hours lecture. (022104)
Prerequisite: MGMT 450 (may be taken concurrently).
This course presents an in-depth study of California, federal, and international laws as they affect the management of entrepreneurial and small business enterprises. Emphasis is placed on social policy dimensions as much as practical aspects of the dynamic and ever-changing relationship between government and entrepreneurial ventures. 3 hours lecture. (020569)
Prerequisite: MINS 335.
This course focuses on how Data Analytics enables an organization to have fact-based, data-driven decision making under ever-evolving business situations. There are two crucial components that data scientist must know among others: (1) Data Repositories- the various types of data have to be gathered, cleaned up, modeled, and stored (e.g. SQL Server); (2) Analytics- analytical algorithms lead scientific investigation on phenomena of interest. Such algorithms include statistics, machine learning (i.e., supervised- and unsupervised-learning), forecasting, and optimization. 3 hours lecture. (022102)
Prerequisite: FINA 307.
Investments from the point of view of the individual investor, security and non-security investment, analytical techniques; industry studies, and management of the personal portfolio. 3 hours discussion. (003730)
Prerequisite: FINA 307.
An examination of the benefits of international trade; international financial institutions; the international monetary system, including exchange rate problems and prospects. 3 hours lecture. (003737)
Prerequisite: FINA 351.
Principles of security valuation, the development of portfolio construction, and the relationship between investment principles, investment policies, and investment management. 3 hours discussion. (003735)
Prerequisite: MGMT 303 for Business majors only, or faculty permission.
Creating team effectiveness and developing project management skills. Includes coverage of the nine project management body of knowledge areas required for professional certification by PMI, the professional code of ethics, and the benefits of diversity on team performance. The course requires use of information technology including spreadsheets, Web-based file storage and sharing, electronic presentations and use of project management software. 3 hours lecture. (005731)
Prerequisite: MGMT 303.
The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of leadership and motivation in organizations. This course explores contemporary leadership thought, including approaches to leadership development, leadership models, leadership in specific contexts, and the relationships between leadership and organizational power, authority, and management. We also investigate the connection between leadership and motivation, motivation theories, and motivational programs for complex organizations. 3 hours lecture. (005729)
Prerequisite: MGMT 303.
This course helps you gain an understanding of team processes and team performance in organizations. We examine theories related to teams and group dynamics and learn how to apply them to problems confronting team managers. Topics covered include the nature and use of teams, team formation, and factors that influence team effectiveness such as norms, cohesiveness, statues, roles, process issues, and team leadership. Specific attention is given to understanding how to manage conflict in teams and apply conflict resolution principles to make teams more effective. 3 hours lecture. (005730)
Prerequisite: Junior standing or faculty permission.
Focuses on the critical role of recognizing and creating opportunities as well as critical tools for analyzing a new business idea. Provides an overview of entrepreneurship including success factors and the entrepreneurial process. 3 hours lecture. (005722)
Study of fundamental database design principles and techniques, including data modeling with Entity-Relationship diagrams and normalization. Study of SQL (Structured Query Language) database management systems capabilities. Study of the relational data model and relational operations. Study of database security mechanisms. Introduction to PL/SQL. Application of concepts and techniques to practical business scenarios. 3 hours lecture. (005814)
Prerequisite: MINS 235.
Study of database application development concepts and techniques. Advanced data modeling and SQL for complex business applications. Stored procedures and database triggers. Application of concepts and techniques to practical business information processing environments. Development of a fully integrated database application. Study of Web database interface capabilities. 3 hours lecture. (005821)

Electives: 12 units

Consult with Business Student Advising on how to fulfill the elective units.

SUBJ NUM Title Sustainable Units Semester Offered Course Flags
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